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  • Craig is honest. That’s for sure. He is kind, he cares but more than that he is fair, and by fair, I mean he gets results, and that is a magical juggling act that few can master. He has an ability to make you want to work you hardest for him. He inspires greatness and his manner of constructive criticism is smart, direct and manifests improvement.

    Maz Compton
    Maz Compton @MazCompton
  • Craig is one of the most thoughtful creatives I have worked with. He is tirelessly looking for new ideas, strategies, and connections to help himself and others be better at doing creative work. His ideas focus on the apex of where science meets art. Systems, habits and routine, combined with talent, imagination and inspiration. Craig's gift is his ability to push the people he works with to be the best they can be. If you get a chance to connect with him, take it. The work you do will be better for it.

    Sam Cavanagh
    Sam Cavanagh National Executive Producer, SCA / Executive Producer, Hamish & Andy
  • Craig Bruce took a chance on me 10 years ago and thank goodness he did. Craig has the ability to spot raw talent, nurture it (in a non creepy way) and extract the very best from performers. His knowledge base on what it takes to succeed in commercial radio is unparalleled.

    Em Rusciano
    Em Rusciano @EmRusciano
  • I count myself to be incredibly lucky to have had Craig as not only my first program director in radio, but also to share the studio and on air roles with Craig as the anchor of the show.The drive and discipline of Craig's work ethic was incredible to watch. The balance required to be a manager and entertainer was inspirational to work around. As our career paths diverged Craig's support for me grew into a mentor like role, certainly his advice was considered and sage. Craig's leadership and ability to problem solve taught me many lessons, none more important than to truly enjoy the journey and remember to appreciate opportunity.

    Marty Sheargold
    Marty Sheargold Kate, Tim & Marty (Nova)
  • Craig Bruce has an incredible gift of uncovering talent and turning them into juggernauts. With experience, vision and tough love, Craig is without question the radio industries most trusted mentor.

    Jules Lund
    Jules Lund @JulesLund
  • Craig has been tremendous support to me over the years. He has a great ability to give you his full support and confidence, whilst still challenging you to do more and push harder. Every time I have had to re-focus, or felt like I needed some motivation I’d book a meeting with Craig and all of a sudden I was completely refocused. A brilliant mentor and exceptional coach.

    Matthew O'Reilly
    Matthew O'Reilly Content Director, Triple M Adelaide
  • Craig Bruce is to radio as Michael Hussey is to cricket. He lives and breathes it, so if it's an industry your interested in when Mr Radio talks you should listen. The vital feedback, air checks or career guidance I have received over the years has been from CB.

    Abby Coleman
    Abby Coleman Hit105 Breakfast Announcer
  • His patience with young talent added with an incredible eye to spot talent when most don’t see it has been one of Craig’s strongest attributes. Craig has a wealth of knowledge that is second to none, every time (still to this day) that I have a question or need help I know that Craig has the answer and a natural way of helping me through it.

    Mathew Eggleston
    Mathew Eggleston Content Director, Hit105
  • What I appreciate most in having Craig as a mentor of mine, is his specific, targeted advice that he articulates so clearly, I find it leaves little room for 'failure to launch' Craig is not only a mentor to others but a student himself, constantly learning, challenging & searching for ways to deliver success.

    Alexis Kuchel
    Alexis Kuchel ACD, Hit107 Adelaide
  • I am so privileged to have a mentor in CB - a true media professional who has always, and I know always will be there to give me advice when I need it. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support, advice and encouragement from CB to achieve my professional goals.

    Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee Content Director, Hit 929
  • Craig backs in his own words and has done ever since I met him for the first time almost a decade ago. I told him who I was, what I wanted, he told me what he wanted from me, we shook hands and from there he lived up to everything he promised. When I needed guidance, someone just to chat to about radio (or anything else for that matter), direction, if I couldn't get a hold of him which was rare, it usually wasn't very long until he got back to me. If you have the opportunity to work with him take it, not just for his decades of experience or his radio brain, but simply because he's a man of his word. Promises kept are hard to come by in media, and if he says he's going to help you and wants to work with you, that's exactly what he's going to do.

    Pete Curulli
    Pete Curulli Mix 94.5 Drive
  • Craig isn't just a radio genius, he is a great bloke who has been a huge part of my radio career thus far. He has supported, encouraged, guided & been there for me since my first breakfast radio job in Bunbury. He is always just a phone call or email away. His belief, constant feedback & time has played a huge part in the progression of my career from Bunbury to Newcastle & now Perth. I know this is the case with many other announcers across the country too.

    Heidi Anderson
    Heidi Anderson Breakfast Announcer - Hit 929
  • Craig has this amazing ability to see talent in yourself that you might not yet see. And then he works with you to build the belief and courage to get you to the top of your game. Having travelled this exact path under Craig's watchful eye, I can without doubt say his leadership is unmatched and his guidance of you will become a key driver in your own success.

    Brendan Tacey
    Brendan Tacey National Head of Production, SCA