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12 weeks ago I started working with a young show in Perth, Alana McLean and Danny Lakey. They call themselves “Lakey and Larnz”
Lakey was working at Hit929 with their street teams whilst also doing casual shifts on the air. He’s also a writer, and comedian (he was a finalist in the Perth Raw comedy festival 2 years running).
Larnz had her own local PR and Events business, but after a year’s stint on the media circuit in her role as a WA Racing Ambassador – she decided she wanted in on the radio action. After quickly learning the ropes during a few months of work experience, she was appointed as a casual at Hit929 where her and Lakey met.
After realising their passion was for content based radio, they jumped into the studio for a few demos and realised they had some chemistry.

Both were new into the industry and wondering what the next step was to develop their skills, so they gave me a call and asked if I would coach them.

Alana picks it up from here.

Craig heard something in us – a spark, and a fresh energy that he believed he could develop. We genuinely couldn’t believe our luck that one of the most experienced and influential people in the industry wanted to start this process of developing a show with us from the ground up!
We knew we had a lot to learn and we were under no illusions that this was going to be a quick and easy process. But that was one of the best things about starting out with Craig – he never wanted us to be pro’s on day one. He told us there was going to be significant gap between where we wanted to be and how we want to sound versus where we were actually starting from. And that was OK.

We were all in it together to work our guts out from a ground zero level and we never felt like we couldn’t ask a question.

In 3 months, we have learnt a serious amount about what happens inside the studio;
– the importance of preparation and understanding which preparation method works for us- What makes engaging content and how to find our “angle” – The art of good storytelling and delivery- understanding the difference between what content you need to do and what content you want to do..
Knowing that its not enough to simply sound good behind a mic in this day and age, we’ve really spent time working on our ‘Lakey and Larnz’ Brand;
– Understanding our roles and what each “Lakey” and “Larnz” bring to the show- our show vision and market position- the filters of our brand- how to build value into our brand for the bigger media landscape
And overlaying all of this has been a crash course in general rules from the book of “How to survive Radio Land 101”;
– what Content Directors look for and will expect from you- what do you need to learn about your market and the role you will play in the community, particularly in regional markets- Everything you need to provide each other with for the show to work – trust, honesty, support and commitment.- Work Hard. And when you think you’ve worked enough, work some more!!
With every feedback session we would listen, take notes, ask 1000 questions and then get back in the studio time and time again to make improvements. (Think we’ve covered a whopping 50 hours of the 10,000 hours we need to be perfect, right Craig?! )
Craig’s approach to coaching is honest, direct, patient, engaging, supportive and thorough. He doesn’t hesitate for one moment to share the knowledge its taken him his entire career up until this point to learn!
We absolutely would not be where we are today without Craig taking a punt on developing us. We knew right from the get go that he believed in us 100% and wanted to see us succeed. In turn we have wanted to do everything we can to progress and show him that his belief in us was justified.
We highly recommend Craig to anyone looking for development in content radio. As Julius Ceasar once said “Experience is the teacher of all things” and Craig has experience in spades…

Lakey and Larnz have just scored their first regional breakfast gig in Townsville, it’s a bloody tough market with Pricey at 4TO along with Cliffo on the the HotFM breakfast show ready to give them a run for their money. But they’re determined, they’re ready for the challenge and they will have my support as they build towards a show that will hopefully go the distance.

Good luck guys!