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A couple of years ago I hired someone who I’d been coaching for quite a few while for her first metro breakfast show.

Given that we had worked closely on her development it was very satisfying for me personally to be able to give her that one thing she’d been wanting, which was a job on a metro breakfast show.

When I told her the news she said, “Craig, this is my dream, I’ve finally made it…”

6 months later she had left the show.

There is a very big difference between “finally making it” and “finally I’m here, now let’s get started…”

If you think for a second that when you reach your intended goal you’ll be able to put your feet up and cruise through the rest of your blissfully happy days, then think again.

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott touches on this idea with her 10 rules for being human.

Rule number 6 -‘There’ is no better than ‘here’. When your ‘there’ has become a ‘here,’ you will simply obtain a ‘there’ that will look better to you than your present ‘here’.

Or to quote John Mellancamp, “live goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone…” (yes, that is the first and last time you’ll see the lyrics from Jack and Diane used anywhere as inspiration…)

I’m sure this often happens, it certainly did for me, where you reach a goal that you’ve been working your backside off to achieve and then you find yourself, standing in the promised land, realising that nothing much has changed.

You still have good days and bad days. Days where you absolutely smash it, and days where you’re just waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder to tell you they’ve just realised that you’re no good,(yes-I suffer from impostor syndrome too).

There will be days where the job is exactly what you dreamt it would be-challenging, thrilling and personally satisfying and days where the job is about as much fun as sticking a fork in your eye.

In my experience, the thrill of reaching a personal goal in your working life will quickly fade and be replaced by the responsibility to actually make the most of this thing you’ve been dreaming to do.

I’m all for having very clear and specific goals written down somewhere that you’re striving for, but I’m also keen to remind people that being ready to roll-up your sleeves when you arrive at your intended target is just as important as the work it takes to reach it.