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Real and unfiltered.

For great shows in 2016 the conversations on the air are virtually the same as the ones off the air, (without the swearing and the bitching about the CD…).

The first and most important element of a successful show that an audience will be drawn to is the rapport between the hosts.

If it’s genuine and real then you have the base for something successful.

The microphone has an inbuilt magnification element-whatever is real in the studio, either positive or unhealthy is magnified when the “on” button starts flashing.

Unfortunately there’s nowhere to hide if you don’t have the chemistry off the air and conversely there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you do.

Great shows of 2015 are easily bored.

The whiteboard tells the story of the show. Successful shows have whiteboards and long term planning calendars filled with unique content and activity everyday, every week, every month, every year.

They are in tune with what matters.

What matters for their audience, in their city, in their own lives and how that mirrors the lives of their fans.
Being in tune to what matters is different to reading news.com for possible content opportunities.

Being in tune means your mind is aware of content that could connect with your audience in every single thing you see and do.

They have alignment.

The successful breakfast shows of 2016 have alignment across every single element of the show. Everyone knows exactly what it is they’re making and why they’re making it.

Every new idea, every story arc and content spike reflects that alignment.

No one owns this. Not the CD, the hosts, the EP, the GM… it becomes a collective headspace that everyone working on the show clearly identifies and exploits.